We have a lot of questions asked of us about Stanley, Smithton and the Surrounding area. Some are silly, some are not, but they are all important. We have a selection below. If you have a particular question and the below answers do not help you please email us at  info@stanleyandtarkine.com.au and one of our Information Officers will get back to you.

How high is the Nut?

The Nut stands 143 metres above sea level and consists of a thick layer of Tertiary teschenite which sits on soft sediments.

How did the Nut get its name?

The Nut was first called Circular Head when it was discovered by Bass & Flinders in 1798. The region that surrounds the Nut has since been called Circular Head. It depends who you talk to on the origin of the name the Nut. Some say it is a shortened version of the Aboriginal name for it which was Moo-Nut-Re-Ker. Some also say the name came from when the breakwater was built in 1892. The side of the Nut was packed with explosives to construct the breakwater, once detonated nothing happened and no rocks fell from the side of the Nut. Apparently most of the crowd that gathered to watch the event, agreed that it was a “Hard Nut to Crack”.

Where is the closest fuel?

There is fuel in the Stanley township at the minimart on Wharf Road, as well as in Smithton which is 18km from Stanley. There is also fuel station at Rocky Cape which is 26km on the Bass Highway going to Burnie.

Where is the Edge of the World?

The Edge of the World is located in the township of Arthur River. There is a short boardwalk to the coastline and a poem on a plaque.

What is the main industry in the Region?

The Circular Head Municipality has a diverse range of Industry. Stanley has fishing and tourism. Smithton is the town with service facilities, Greenham abattoir, McCain vegetable processing plant, Murray Goulburn milk processing plant, many sawmills and timber logging. The smaller outer towns are mainly dairy and beef farming.

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